Consumerism Molds Soceity

I can’t do TV. Don’t get me wrong, I love TV series but I would much rather buy/rent a series or watch it on Netflix so I don’t have to apart of the manipulation that regular TV and commercials offer.  I used to not think too much about commercials because everyone hates them unless their watching the Super Bowl, then more people maybe be inclined to watch and enjoy the commercials. It wasn’t until college that I realized how dependent capitalist America is on consumers.

Christmas is the economy gold mine.

I refuse to make the rich even richer if I can help it. Although, I will never be completely independent from corporations, I will do things to feed their greedy selves less. I will make my gifts of if I buy them, I will only shop at locally owned stores. 

For my mom, I am going to give her a drawing I made in my Art class in college. It’s very special to me and it looks like mother earth looking at the world. My mom is a hippy and a mother herself. She’s always appreciated my art so I feel she will take good care of it.

Finals are over. I spent 10 hours on the tutoring center taking notes and taking my class finals. I spent almost 4 hours taking my STATS final. I have noticed that I spend a lot of time on tests but I usually go exponentially better than when I rush through them. During this Holiday break, I am going to make my Christmas gifts for my friends and family. 

I will post my ideas very soon. Tonight I will be on Pintrest, maybe I will post again tomorrow or sometime soon!




Tattoo and weight loss

I finished an 8 page, 3,000 words, single spaced essay about the benefits of yoga and meditation for people with mood disorders

I am finally ready to blog again. Honestly, the thought of typing more made my eyes twitch. I love writing. However, I don’t like writing that much. After a while, all I can do it repeat my thesis and wipe away the blood, sweat and tears staining the keyboard.

I spoke with my tattoo artist about my sleeve and I have an appointment on January 22nd.


 Image found on

I am getting this guy tattooed! His name is Ganesha. He is a Hindu God (or deity) and widely revered as the remover of obstacles, deva of intellect and wisdom. He is honored at the beginning of many rituals and ceremonies.

Remover of obstacles

I believe that he may also place obstacles in the way to strengthen ones will and devotion to their journey for a better existence. I love everything this deity represents. I wish to call upon him many times throughout my life.

I plan on getting a full sleeve. I have wanted a full sleeve for over 4 years. I figure I have wanted this for so long, I won’t regret it. I am going to be a psychologist who used yoga as a tool to help people. I am a colorful individual who believes my body is my temple and I should be able to decorate it as I please. I may have to cover it up at work because the town I live in doesn’t approve of such public artwork.

I need to slim down my arms before I start on my tattoo!

The gym and the yoga studio are my sanctuaries. Unfortunately, I haven’t lost that much weight yet. Myfitnesspal is an awesome app, I decided to lower my calorie intake from 1,600 to 1,300 unless I hit the gym, and then I will increase my calorie intake depending on how much I burn. Today I worked out for 60 minutes and burned 500 calories. Not too shabby.

I need to work on my eating habits. Now that I have started doing yoga consistently twice a week and working out 3 times I week, I need to make sure I am not eating too much. Today I ate 1,766. I like smoothies with protein for breakfast, salad for lunch and something small for dinner. I believe my problem is I am guessing on my portion sizes and not actually measuring them out. Possibly not realizing how much I actually consuming. I currently weigh 157 and my first goal is 150.

I guess I need to bump up the gym and yoga sessions to 3 days a week and have one rest day on Saturday when I work for 7 hours at the coffee hut.

Now I am going to study for my STATs final..

How to not eat a years worth of calories on this day of gluttony and thanks

I love the holidays and Thanksgiving is a favorite in my book. What’s not to like about it? One gets to spend an entire day with family, cook delicious mouth watering food, watch football (if you enjoy the sport) and be able to appreciate all the wonderful things we are blessed to have.

Well, my down fall to this beautiful holiday is tying to remain on a diet and not consume so many calories that I have to work out twice as hard to return to the weight I originally started. Every year, I lose track of my goals and eat SOO much food. I pile my plate and eat until I am in a food coma and cannot move. I think this American holiday is plotting against me. It always tricks me and right after the holidays I end up going to extremes to try and detox all the sugary goodness out of my system.

So here’s my game plan,

Morning/Early Afternoon:

  • Have a 20 oz. hemp protein-chia seed-berry smoothie smoothie for breakfast.
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Drink 40 oz.’s of water
  • Work on some homework
  • Do some yoga in my room


  • Spend time with Michael’s family
  • Snack LGHTLY, only one palm sized snack before dinner
  • Drink another 40 oz.’s of water
  • When it comes to dinnertime, only make a small plate full of food. Keep drinking water and no wine. Wine makes me not give a crap about food quantity consumption. Plus, it adds more calories then I realize.
  • Hide out in my room and watch movies until everyone leaves.

It’s sad that I need such a plan in order to conquer the dinner table. I have control issues with food and my weight hasn’t changed. I have been working out twice a week and going yoga twice a week. At the gym I burn around 500 calories in an hour and at yoga I burn about 170 in an hour. I think that I may be eating too much. A game plan helps me not say “Screw it!”.

Well I am off to clean the bathroom.

Namaste and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Make sure to eat breakfast before going beast mode


Always make sure you eat before a workout..

I made that mistake today. For some unknown reason, this morning I just jumped out of bed and went to the gym. My boyfriend and I had tons to do and I slept in later than I normally have been. Michael isn’t very patient when it comes to getting earns done and I was not going to miss out on the gym today.

I could not figure out why I was so exhausted. Then it hit me, I totally forgot breakfast. Which is strange because I am always hungry. I plan dinner the night before and even think about food all day long. Since I have been working out, I haven’t been so hungry. I didn’t have dinner tonight either. Today, I have eaten an apple, part of a muffin (Costco), half a BLT, fries, a little bit of cheese and a few tortilla chips. I have eaten roughly 1265 calories and burned about 510 calories at the gym. Not sure if this is good or not because according to myfitnesspal, my goal is to eat 1600 calories a day. Maybe today I just don’t need as much as I usually think I do. I have been drinking plenty of water, I think I have drank over 70 Fl Oz, yippee!

I wanted to research why my heart rate was so high at the gym today. I know that our bodies run off glycogen, which is a form of glucose stored in our muscle and liver cells. After our bodies burn through those stored carbohydrates, we will start feeling tired and maybe dizzy if there isn’t enough energy to burn.

Why does our heart rate rise more than when we eat?!

I’ve been looking it up, and according to, “not eating before you exercise can be just as bad as eating too much. Low blood sugar levels can make you feel weak, faint or tired, and your mental abilities may be affected as well, making you slower to react.”

Well that doesn’t answer my question.. I was a little fatigued but not exhausted. I just noticed my heart rate was higher than normal. My boyfriend was explaining that because my I don’t have any carbs to burn, my body was using up the glycogen reserves, and because those are stored in my muscles than it has to work harder to burn?

Not sure if his logic is correct but it sounds good. If anyone knows, please let me know. I am quite curious. 🙂

Tomorrow is my yoga day! I am so consumed into yoga it’s ridiculous. The days that I do yoga are my favorite days of the week and I am so blessed to be able to be apart of the studio.. It really makes me excited to start teaching one day. I wonder how the teachers know what to say. Do the yoga instructors just go along with the flow? Memorize different pose sequences? Some of the teachers at my studio have such an intuitive teaching technique. It is extremely fascinating.

Tomorrow’s menu:

Breakfast- Banana, berries, yogurt, orange juice, hemp protein smoothie

Snack: apple and cereal bar

Lunch- Spinach kale salad, cheese and goddess dressing, PBJ, chips and salsa

Dinner- Spaghetti (maybe vegetarian and small portions)

Oh and I realized my username on MyFitnessPal is Aubrieana4Peace, incase you would like to add me. 🙂 I am pretty good about posting meals and commenting on friends acomplishments.

Until next time,


College midterm and gym adventures



My teacher takes forever to post grades. I usually don’t mind too much but the midterm I took on Thursday was worth 40% of my total grade. My grade was just posted and I got a…

96%!!!! So freaking excited! I about near had a heart attack because after 4 days of wondering, I had convinced myself I had failed big time. So seeing that score put me in the best mood ever. Math is not my strongest subject and STAT’s isn’t the easiest of classes. I am thinking that I should reward myself.. possibly by buying myself a nice shinny new snowboarding jacket for my birthday (November 17th). 🙂 Thanksgiving is when Mt. Bachelor opens and Michaels mom was kind enough to buy Michael and I season passes! 

It took all my strength this morning to drag myself out of bed to go to the gym before slinging coffees. I was so tired but as soon as I walked in the gym, I woke up immediately. I ran for 12 miles and did other cardio for the remaining hour and I burned over 500 calories. I hope to do this 3 days and also do yoga 3 days as well. This should be a good start on my weight loss. I keep focusing on next summer and what I will look like. I keep imagining myself being so happy and healthy. I imagine people noticing and giving me compliments. I think about how my ankles wont hurt as much. These are the things that keep me going.

Having an Instagram has proven to be beneficial as well. I like posting random fitspo images and saying I find on Google or Pinterest. I also find that myfitnesspal is a wonderful app for keeping track of my progress and calorie intake. 

If you have an account, please add me!

Instagram: yogawithcurves

Well off to write my History paper.


myfitnesspal: yogawithcurves


Sir Douche Bag

Why allow the little things to piss you off?

That’s what I wanted to ask one of my customers today at the coffee hut. So, two gentlemen came by to get blended coffees. One of them ordered while the other man was taking forever to decide. Once he indecisive started glancing at me and back at the menu, I asked him “What may I get for you sir?”


Apparently being called sir really pissed him off, it made him so mad it caused a full-blown man-tantrum.  I tried to explain that I used to work at an upscale resort and I apologize for offending him. That I call everyone “sir” and “ma’am” out of respect and as well as habit. Well, he didn’t care about what I had to say and when I walked away to make their coffees, he made it clear that he was offended. He was talking about me to the other gentleman like I wasn’t there yet, made sure I could hear him over the blenders.  Asking his friend “Do I look like your father? NO. Do I look like I am in the military? NO. Then don’t call me sir!”


So why does it offend people so much? I get called ma’am all the time and I am 25 but this guy was in his 40’s. I understand it makes people feel old but why make such a huge deal about it? Maybe I am not old enough to understand… But one thing I know for sure is there’s no reason for someone to freak out on a poor soul, working his or her way through college in the customer service/food and beverage industry, for TRYING to be respectful.


Alright, vent over. J


The gym was nice today . I don’t know why I was so nervous about going in the first place because I actually surprised myself by how well I did. I worked out for an hour and 8 minutes and I burned 557 calories! I even jogged (on speed 4 and incline 1.5) for 7 minutes straight! I haven’t even been on a treadmill for months so it felt so great to jog again. When I first started working out, my fat ass could hardly jog for one minute.


My goal is to jog for 15 minutes straight. 

Oh it felt so great. Unfortunately with this gym, the hours are limited and I wont be able to work out again until Sunday when I have yoga. I wont be able to hit up the gym until Monday morning before work.


Well, until next time.